Challenge 10

Welcome to final Challenge no.10! Express yourself through mark making and use your voice to create a zine – state the case for your opinions, share your interests or shout about a cause you care about. The choice is yours! Ready, set, go!

Challenge 1: TRY THIS

There are loads of ways of expressing yourself. Sometimes the kind of energy or determination used to make a mark on a page can express more than words would. Set a timer for 5 minutes and try to fill a page using a range of lines, marks and patterns.

Challenge 2: TRY THIS

Join Hebe from the Proud Trust and make your very own mini Zine! Zines are a great way to use your voice and can be about anything! Your interests, a political message, a series of poems, drawings, comic strips or collages – there are no rules! Get stuck in and enjoy!


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