Challenge 4

Welcome to Challenge no.4! Feel free, open your mind and take the time to be unlimited! Get imaginative by letter-writing in different styles and use all five senses to write a short story with no limits. Enjoy!

Challenge 1: TRY THIS

How many different ways can you draw the first letter of your name?

Designer Anita will help you explore the answer, by drawing the first letter of your name, 10 times in 10 different styles! Take inspiration from other words that start with that letter. For example, constructing a B out of Bricks or Bubbles, or an L out of Leaves or Ladybirds. This can really help you open up your mind and get creative.

Challenge 2: TRY THIS

Join poet, playwright and performer, Hafsah, and be inspired by her story starters. Try using all your five senses to create a short story using one of her prompts. Set a timer for 5 minutes and see where your story takes you.

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