Challenge 6

Welcome to Challenge no.6, where we invite you to open your mind to others. Explore the way you look at a friend or a celebrity through our timed drawing challenge. Then create a bond between two unlikely characters in your own original comic strip.

Challenge 1: TRY THIS

Find a picture in a magazine or on your phone of someone you have something in common with, this could be a friend or a celebrity. Then set a timer and try and draw them in three different ways. The video challenge will show you how. Which drawing is your favourite and why?

Challenge 2: TRY THIS

Think up two characters who would make unlikely friends. They maybe from your life, politics, animals, fiction, games or comics – whatever appeals to you. Do a couple of very rough sketches to get used to drawing them. Then create a comic strip that tells a story about the pair starting to understand and care more about each others feelings.

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