Challenge 9

Get connected with Challenge no.9! Start with our quick draw and connect with the space and shapes around you. Then find an object, tune into your senses, feel, touch put pen to paper and let the creativity flow.

Challenge 1: TRY THIS:

Grab a pen and some paper, draw a cluster of simple line drawings. Try to keep an even space between the shapes you draw. Keep adding more shapes, taking inspiration from what you see around you. Our video will show you how.

Challenge 2: TRY THIS:

Draw around your hand to create an outline. Then find an object. Maybe it’s a bowl, a book or a piece of clothing – anything you can hold freely. Pick up the object and concentrate on how it feels to touch.   After 3 minutes, fill the hand outline with writing about those sensations and feelings. Write as descriptively as you can about that experience of touch.

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