The 10 Week Challenge

Welcome to the 10-week challenge!

Get creative, try something new, enjoy the good vibes and Express Yourself!  Each week there will be a new theme and two new creative challenges to try.

The 10-week challenge was crafted just for you by a group of Manchester artists and young creatives. Their advice: try every task, make mistakes, be silly, be messy, don’t overthink things, get lost in the moment, and get stuck in!


Week 1

What does strength mean to you? Explore strength through illustration and lyric writing. These first challenges are guaranteed to get you feeling more upbeat. Illustrate a page with drawings inspired by your strengths, favourite things and the people you love.

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Week 2

Tune into nature and the sounds of the earth. Go outside, sit near the window or play some sounds online. Then let your creativity flow through free writing and by drawing your own mini mountain scene.

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Week 3

Colour combinations, ripped-up junk mail and paper cut-outs, get creative, make a college and draw your own wobbly portrait. This week is all about exploring self.

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Week 4

Open your mind and take the time to be unlimited. Get imaginative by letter-writing in different styles and use all five senses to write a short story with no limits.

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Week 5

Feel the positive energy of movement in this week’s challenge. Explore energy through dance, learning some new moves, and generate energetic language through an action-packed writing challenge.

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Week 6

Open your mind to others. Explore the way you look at a friend or a celebrity through drawing and bring two unlikely characters together in your own original comic strip.

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Week 7

Set the timer, roll a dice, pick the words and write a short story celebrating community. Get inspired by Japanese poetry and write a Haiku poem exploring what community means to you.

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Week 8

Draw a big scribble and discover something unexpected. Use your imagination to create the opening scene of a movie, how will your scene keep viewers watching?

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Week 9

Connect with your space and draw the shapes you see around you. Find an object and tune into your senses through feeling and touch. Put pen to paper and let creativity flow.

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Week 10

Express yourself through mark making and use your voice to create a zine. Express your opinions, share your interests or shout about a cause you care about. The choice is yours!

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